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Anita Dockley

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Anita Dockley

Job description: Research Director at The Howard League for Penal reform

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Areas of interest: Women involved in the criminal justice system

Anita Dockley's Recent Activity

"The Howard League for Penal Reform is a national charity working for less crime, safer communities and fewer people in prison. Too much money is spent on a penal system which doesn’t work, doesn’t make our communities safer and fails to reduce offending. We work with parliament and the media, with criminal justice professionals, students and members of the public, influencing debate and forcing through meaningful change to create safer communities. We campaign on a wide range of issues including women in the criminal justice system. We recently commissioned Professor Jo Phoenix to undertake research into the policing and criminalisation of sexually exploited girls and young women. The research intends to improve understanding of the way in which practitioners make decisions about whether or not to prosecute sexually exploited girls. It looks at the ways in which many commit crime to try and escape the men who exploit them or as a cry for help. Issues around housing and homelessness are included in a number of the young women’s stories. ‘Out of place: The policing and criminalisation of sexually exploited girls and young women’, and other relevant research on women can be accessed at: http://www.howardleague.org/publications-women/ For more information on The Howard League for Penal Reform see: http://www.howardleague.org/"
Reply To: Women, homelessness and the criminal justice system