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Lyndsey Lloyd

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Lyndsey Lloyd

Job description: Head of Women's Services, Assistant Director at Imagine Mental Health

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Areas of interest: Mental health and wellbeing

Lyndsey Lloyd's Recent Activity

"Imagine independence has established itself as a leading mental health charity. Our accommodation schemes provide quality housing and support for people who experience mental health problems.Our services have grown to meet the changing needs of our service users and will embrace government initiatives and support time for change. Imagine Independence supports women who have been in secure services for a long time and have complex needs including personality disorders, offending behaviors, mental illness and maladaptive coping strategies. Years in service can also leave life skills under developed. We introduce the women to self management in a very supportive way and their path to recovery is planned with them at their pace. Supported by CPA management they become introduced to budgeting and license/ property management in a very informative manner whilst encouraged to feel cared for with a promotion of independence. Referrals to this service are from secure services only. Imagine have a range of accommodation and have created a lot of opportunities for our service users. Others services include accommodation, floating support, life opportunities, mainstream and outreach services. Service user involvement map the delivery of our service to ensure collaborative working. Imagine are also proud to introduce the peer support worker, this staff group are people with lived experience who are trained to use their lived experience in a therapeutic manor. Imagine continue to strive to ensure people are socially included and peoples life’s are rebuilt to optimum recovery and we support our service users to their full potential."
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