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Rhian Beynon

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Rhian Beynon

Job description: Head of Policy and Campaigns at Family Action

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Areas of interest: Families and children – including relationships

Rhian Beynon's Recent Activity

"Family Action believes that with support an individual or a whole family can achieve its potential, whether this is in a practical, emotional or a financial sense. With over 140 years of experience, we are England's leading family charity and our services help over 45,000 disadvantaged children and families every year. We believe that wherever possible children should be supported to achieve their potential within their own family. This cannot be achieved if a child is not seen in the context of the whole family. The needs of parents, as well as their children, must be considered. Improving the quality of relationships between parents and children and their wider kinship and social networks is integral to all of our work. Through a range of our services, Family Action is able to plug the gap through which families with complex needs often fall, keeping children safe while addressing their long term needs. Through early intervention we help to prevent family separation and problems spiralling to a point at which women and their families are at risk of homelessness: · Building Bridges services – intensive homes based support supporting families with multiple complex needs including where the parent has an enduring mental health problem. · Perinatal Project – volunteer befriending supporting mothers at risk of depression during their pregnancy and up to one year after the birth of their child. · WellFamily services - holistic counselling services linked to GP practices. · Welfare Grants – including to families fleeing domestic violence For more information see: http://www.family-action.org.uk/"
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