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Street Stories

Street Stories*

In 2011 St Mungo’s conducted 41 interviews with homeless men and women about their experiences on the streets as part of an oral history project called Street Stories.

Below are audio clips from three women whose experiences on the streets led them in to being involved in prostitution. To hear more Street Stories interviews click on the link. Listeners are advised that the stories below contain strong language and adult themes.

Angela’s Story: “I got mixed up with the wrong people…I never imagined in a million years I would be selling my body for drugs so I ended up doing that. I’ve nearly been killed three times doing it, I’ve been raped doing it. As a result of that I got HIV.” Listen to her story here.

Joanne’s Story: “By the time I got to the age of 16 I was working the streets…I had a bet with a friend about it for a joke. I dared her to do it and she dared me to do it, and we done it. And we saw how quickly we could get the money. Then it went on heroin, and then it went on crack.” Listen to her story here.

Tracy’s Story: “I was still taking heroin, still taking crack. I was doing prostitution plus I was begging at train stations during the day…I used to take my socks and shoes off and walk in puddles and make my feet look really dirty and people would give me £20-30 to buy shoes.” Listen to her story here.

*All images used during this theme in emails and across www.rebuildingshatteredlives.org are stock images. The women photographed are not connected with the subject matter.