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Bjorn Grant

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"I think that for me the main thing is making sure that there are opportunities for the residents Male or Female, from hospitality & leisure, construction and many more. In the past the type of jobs that residents would come to the team for would often be in the construction field of work, which isn’t always appealing for the female residents who might think that there is no opportunities for them. In reality there is lots of jobs out there for women residents as most of my job outcomes are from the female residents who live and reside in a St Mungos Hostel. My role as a job coach is to help them see those possibilities as well as recognise their own skills and abilities. One woman I supported who was really interested in construction, was so determined that within 3 months she had done the course, got a CSCs card and got into work. I have supported women who have experienced domestic violence in the past and their confidence had been affected badly by their experiences. They were more cautious about what kind of work they might do, for example not wanting a male dominated environment, or not wanting a customer facing role where they might face confrontation."
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