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Daniela Scotece

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Daniela Scotece

Job description: Development Manager at POW Nottingham

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Areas of interest: Improving support for women involved in prostitution

Daniela Scotece's Recent Activity

"POW Nottingham is a model PEER led charity that promotes health and dignity in prostitution through empowerment, support and peer education. Our Aims -Provide support and information to minimise the risk of sexually transmitted infections and HIV -Provide a route out of prostitution for those who want to exit -To provide a service that is sensitive to and responds to the needs of all service users -One to one support to help individuals make positive lifestyle changes -To identify an appropriate communication tool to assess the individual need of the client in order to promote health education and health promotion -Provide individuals and agencies with a true picture of prostitution and its effects on individuals including the increased use of drugs -To actively promote the opportunities of lifestyle changes for all POW clients -To promote understanding and awareness in the wider community, amongst other voluntary agencies and statutory organisations on all matters regarding prostitution and drug use -Educate where necessary young people the nature of the risks of becoming involved in prostitution. For more information see: http://www.pow-advice.co.uk/"
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