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Eileen Egerton

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Eileen Egerton

Job description: Programme Centre Worker at St Mungo's

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Areas of interest: Employment and skills

Eileen Egerton's Recent Activity

"Women experiencing homelessness often face particular challenges getting back to work which can seriously affect their motivation. These may include abuse, losing their children, emotional issues and little or no work history. For example women who are involved in sex work/prostitution can find it difficult to move away from this source of income, as alternatives often require commitment to training and volunteering which take time. This can feel like a huge step. If there are issues around drug dependency or other addictive behaviours this creates a financial imperative which further compounds the issue. Engaging women creatively in activities that help to build confidence, self esteem and break destructive patterns and addictive behaviours – basically to start a process of recovery – is essential. Providing women with the opportunity to talk openly, to connect, and heal within a safe learning environment (e.g. singing, writing, sewing groups) taps into hidden skills and motivations which can help them get back into the workplace. We have worked with many women who have been through a process of recovery and find employment. There are many employers who will give people the chance if they show they have the right attitude and determination."
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