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Gill Brown

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Gill Brown

Job description: chief executive at Brighter Futures

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Areas of interest: Housing and homelessness – services for women with complex needs, Substance use, Women involved in the criminal justice system, Mental health and wellbeing, Childhood trauma – including being in care or childhood abuse, Improving support for women involved in prostitution

Gill Brown's Recent Activity

"Brighter Futures offers effective solutions to complex needs with which many peoples' lives are troubled. Our customers have suffered difficult 'trigger' circumstances which include mental illness, sexual or physical abuse, trauma or institutionalisation. Their best attempts to deal with these situations on their own have often drawn them into addictions or other dangerous situations. Our customers need someone who has not been involved in their complex cycle of stress, disadvantage and misfortune to help them think about the most effective way out of their situation and to befriend them as they make that difficult journey. That is what our support workers do for thousands of people every year. Everything we do is guided by our values. All our work is measured against these values. Our values are... - Passionate - Creative - Equal - Empowering - Sustainable Chepstow House, one of Brighter Futures projects, is a ‘one stop shop’ that brings services for women together into one safe space. Women are able to seek advice and support and the Courts are able to refer women to Chepstow House as an alternative to prison. Interventions available include counselling, art therapy, NOCN accredited courses in Life Skills, Employability, Literacy and Numeracy, tenancy support, family support, Citizens Advice Bureau, DV support, complementary therapies, Specified Activity Requirements and structured 1 to 1 support. For more information see: http://www.brighter-futures.org.uk/"
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"We have been working with women with comlpex needs ince 1995. As a result we have developed a specialist schemes for - Women involved in street sex work, . - Young people who are sexually exploited - Women offenders or who are at risk of offending addressing their complex needs, providing community-based alternatives to impriosnment, supporting women out of prision and out of offending. I have attached two papers which explain our view of the relationship between street homelssness and street sex work, and our methodolgy around complex needs. You'll also find them on our web site www.brighter-futures.org.uk"
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