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Haringey West MH Projects Residents

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Haringey West MH Projects Residents

Job description: Resident's group at St Mungo's

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Areas of interest: Housing and homelessness – services for women with complex needs, Domestic abuse, Families and children – including relationships, Substance use, Women involved in the criminal justice system, Mental health and wellbeing, Childhood trauma – including being in care or childhood abuse, Employment and skills, Improving support for women involved in prostitution

Haringey West MH Projects Residents's Recent Activity

"One woman's view: Homelessness and housing projects could do more to support women to have contact with family or children. The key is looking at visitor policies and residents being able to have family to visit them and even stay over. In some projects the rule is that visitors are not allowed to stay in bedrooms and this can prohibit contact. You don't feel confident to invite family over as you don't want everyone knowing your business."
Reply To: Children and families: improving support