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Heather Harvey

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Heather Harvey

Job description: Lilith Research and Development Manager at Eaves

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Areas of interest: Improving support for women involved in prostitution

Heather Harvey's Recent Activity

"Brand new research by Eaves on problematic alcohol use amongst women involved in prostitution (funded by Alcohol Research UK): http://i1.cmsfiles.com/eaves/2012/11/Breaking-down-the-barriers-a37d80.pdf Also, two other relevant research documents: 'Breaking Down Barriers: A study of how women exit prostitution': http://i1.cmsfiles.com/eaves/2012/11/Breaking-down-the-barriers-a37d80.pdf 'Capital Exploits: A Study of Prostitution and Trafficking in London': http://i3.cmsfiles.com/eaves/2013/06/Capital-Exploits-June-2013.pdf-da8819.pdf"
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