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Helen Deeson

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Helen Deeson

Job description: Office & Communications Manager at Blenheim CDP

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Areas of interest: Substance use

Helen Deeson's Recent Activity

"Blenheim CDP has been providing services to people with drug problems in London since the early 60’s. We have been and remain a pioneer in developing services to address the wide range of issues facing communities from problematic drug and alcohol use. An accessible, non-judgemental, client-focused and proactive approach is central to our philosophy alongside our passionate belief in people’s capacity to change. We provide a range of evidence based initiatives that reflect the multicultural and diverse needs of the communities we work in. This includes providing ‘women only space’ in a number of services we provide, including Eban, an adult drug treatment service in the Borough of Haringey specialising in crack and powder cocaine interventions for stimulant and poly-drug users, and Evolve, a service for stimulant and cannabis users, and their families living in Southwark. Both these services see women who are experiencing homelessness. In Islington we run the Islington Community Alcohol Service which provides information, advice, immediate support, or ongoing treatment to any Islington resident who is concerned about their own or someone else's drinking. As part of this service we have ‘The Reaching Out Project’ which supports groups of people who are often under-represented at alcohol services. This includes parents of dependent children and vulnerable women including pregnant women, people in the criminal justice system, people with mental health needs and the street population. We shall reach out with regular weekly satellites, visits to other organisations, street outreach, and the use of the phone and email. For more information on all of our services see: http://www.blenheimcdp.org.uk/"
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