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Hilary Hunter

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Hilary Hunter

Job description: Volunteer trustee at Mothers apart from their children (MATCH)

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Areas of interest: Families and children – including relationships

Hilary Hunter's Recent Activity

"MATCH is a charity that offers non-judgemental support and information to mothers apart from their children in a wide variety of circumstances. Our members include those who are sharing parenting and those who have little or no contact. We believe that children have a basic human right to continue to be part of a loving, nurturing family network for life, no matter how many times that family re-makes itself, no matter where their mothers live. If you are a mother who no longer lives with your child as a result of local authority care proceedings and your child is either in care, being fostered, under a special guardianship order or has been adopted MATCH can support you. Being a member of MATCH will enable you to be in contact with other mothers who live with the day to day realities of this situation. Whether you have face to face contact, letterbox contact or no contact at all, you will find other members with whom you can share your feelings and strategies for coping with living apart from your child. For more information see: http://www.matchmothers.org/"
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