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Jocelyn Hillman

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Jocelyn Hillman

Job description: Chief Executive at Working Chance

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Areas of interest: Women involved in the criminal justice system, Employment and skills

Jocelyn Hillman's Recent Activity

"Working Chance was set up in 2007 to assist women offenders in making the transition into the world of work and employment. Employment is proven to help reduce re-offending and break the cycle of disadvantage and offending that is so often transmitted from generation to generation. Women offenders tell us that on release from prison their aspirations are to get their children back, live in a secure environment and to earn a living wage. However, most of the women feel that, without support on release, the barriers to employment are too great and they see themselves as set up to fail. We at Working Chance don't believe it has to be this way. We have four main streams of work: recruitment services, one-to-one advice, training & education and support services. This holistic approach ensures that we can help our candidates through every step of their journey from exclusion to contribution. For more information see: http://www.workingchance.org"
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