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SJ 2012

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SJ 2012

Job description: Community Interpreter at

Areas of interest: Housing and homelessness – services for women with complex needs, Domestic abuse, Families and children – including relationships, Childhood trauma – including being in care or childhood abuse, Improving support for women involved in prostitution

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"When you think about how much help there is out there which can be accessed, still you feel there is Just not enough...... I feel there an area which can definately use more help from organisations which is that once women have moved on from the refuge and shelter homes and into their own council or private rental scheme housing, there should be more support and help provided for them so they don't get stuck in difficult situations( horrible landlords) and end becoming homeless again. Sometimes we get so busy with trying to settle them in a accommodation and forget to look at the fact that what happens after it... So many women get taken advantage of from landlords by overcharging them or not being able to find suitable accommodations because not many landlords consider dss rentals. This is also another major reason that women end up going back to their perpetrator because trying to deal with all these issues sometimes just get a bit too much, specially for a person who is already like a half broken wall that anyone can come and tear it down, completely ."
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"I have suffered from so much emotional abuse from mother in law specially. And in my 11 years of marriage I used to get up from nightmares that she was standing by my bed ready to stab me. It was horrible. Like they say 'sticks and stones Might break my bones but words will never hurt me' but in reality it's not true. Emotional abuse is maybe worse that physical abuse. ... And the thoughts that we develop in our heads of being scared never go away. They get engraved in our hearts for forever... The emotional abuse I got from husband and in laws besides physical abuse, seems to have hurt me far more worse. Because wounds heal but the scars on our personality never go away. And because of the emotional abuse I have had so much trouble sleeping properly. And even after over a year of my separation I still have sleepless nights and major reason for me not being able to sleep is that all those horrible things that were said to me keep spinning in my head. I dread going up to bed. I rather sit awake all night long or do something than trying to go to sleep. That is the worst part of my day. And when finally sun is rising in the morning I am so glad to see it because that means I can get out of bed and become busy again with doing things and not have to ride on my emotional roller coaster ...."
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