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Tracey Chandler

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Tracey Chandler

Job description: Deputy Manager at Brighton Housing Trust

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Areas of interest: Housing and homelessness – services for women with complex needs, Domestic abuse, Substance use, Women involved in the criminal justice system, Mental health and wellbeing, Improving support for women involved in prostitution

Tracey Chandler's Recent Activity

"Hi I hope some of the contents of a report I co-authored are of use. We worked with 20 participants who represented the 'revolving door' homeless client group in Brighton, 10 of which were women. We included women's experiences equally and focused in certain aspects that differed from men's. I have more research material in their voices as well as what is in the report as we had such a lot that we could not include it all. Sadly nothing has changed for women since the report was published 2008, and perhaps has worsened."
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