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Yvette Hector

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Yvette Hector

Job description: Housing and Benefit Specialist & Court Diversion Lead at Trust

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Areas of interest: Women involved in the criminal justice system, Employment and skills, Improving support for women involved in prostitution

Yvette Hector's Recent Activity

"Trust is a community based women's project offering support and opportunities for vulnerable women in South London, including women involved in, exploited through or exited from prostitution and involved in, moving on from, or at risk of involvement in the Criminal Justice System. Trust also provides an aftercare service for women who have exited prostitution, drug and alcohol use or offending and are looking to make positive changes in their lives. One of the services Trust provides is with Camberwell Magistrates Court and the Crown Prosecution Service in Lambeth to provide women arrested for street prostitution with an optional court diversion scheme. Women who choose to access the scheme can have their case discontinued if they attend two support sessions with Trust's specialist court worker. These sessions focus on improving the women's immediate situations, as well as providing them with the opportunity and the support to make lasting changes to their lives. For more information see: http://www.trust-london.com"
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