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Gill Hurley

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Gill Hurley

Job description: Managing Director at Gibran (UK) Ltd.

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Areas of interest: Women involved in the criminal justice system

Gill Hurley's Recent Activity

"Gibran UK is a Social Enterprise that specialises in working with socially excluded groups, in particular female ex-offenders. http://www.gibran-uk.co.uk/ We are currently embarking upon a new project CONNECT following successful implementation of our GOING HOME project for women ex-offenders which was designed to assist those who slip through the net of existing services. The overall aims of GOING HOME were to support and build the confidence and self esteem of women and provide the opportunity to give something back and help others who may have been through similar experiences by becoming a peer mentor. The GOING HOME team’s experience of working with women ex-offenders in Wales recognised that women need support when released or at any time in their lives when living with a conviction. The project focused on women ex-offenders living in or returning to Wales, who required support rebuilding their lives, who were not or no longer dependant on drugs or alcohol and who may have been out of custody for some time and are looking for help. In our new project CONNECT we will be working with women ex-offenders - to support their resettlement, reduce re-offending and help them to find work. CONNECT will be delivered across Wales to support 800 women ex-offenders. We will help women ex-offenders in Wales to settle back into their communities through peer mentoring, access to new technology and around the clock telephone support. Women will be helped through peer mentor and buddy networks. CONNECT will enable women ex-offenders to help themselves and tackle the root causes of reoffending. Both the peer mentor and the women ex-offenders will be provided with the temporary loan of a `tablet`. By providing reduced reoffending interventions via Skype and hand held devices, the project will improve women's sense of well being and combat isolation. This will replace some of the face to face communication and the costs and difficulties associated with traditional outreach work. To read our full press release on CONNECT please see below."
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