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Jon Bird

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Jon Bird

Job description: Operations Manager at National Association for People Abused in Childhood

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Areas of interest: Childhood trauma – including being in care or childhood abuse

Jon Bird's Recent Activity

"NAPAC is the National Association for People Abused in Childhood. We are a registered charity, based in the UK, providing support and information for people abused in childhood. At NAPAC we try to make our services for adult survivors of childhood abuse or neglect as accessible as possible, and our main activity is a Freephone Support Line which offers 30 mins of listening and signposting to other organisations who can offer on-going face-to-face support. For more information about the services that NAPAC provide see: http://www.napac.org.uk/ We do know of many anecdotal examples of people (both female and male) experiencing homelessness as a result of escaping abuse in the home. We recognise that all forms of abuse can have potentially major negative impacts in adulthood, not just sexual abuse. We find that it is often the emotional component of any abuse which does the long term psychological damage and can lead to attempts to escape abusive situations which result in homelessness. We collect anonymised information about our callers and do not get many calls from people who are homeless. I think people generally need to have some degree of basic physical security before they can address the causes of homelessness and other problems that have their roots in childhood trauma. Anecdotally, we also know that there are many people (again, both female and male) working in the street level sex industry who have learned to cope with this sort of activity as a result of prolonged childhood sexual abuse."
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