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Manchester Womens Aid

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Manchester Womens Aid

Job description: Organisational contact at Manchester Women's Aid

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Areas of interest: Domestic abuse, Substance use, Mental health and wellbeing

Manchester Womens Aid's Recent Activity

"Manchester Women's Aid (MWA) identified the need to develop specialist support for women with mental health issues and recruited a mental health support worker. MWA challenges the belief that women fleeing abuse with mental health/substance use issues are 'too risky' or 'too chaotic' for refuges. The aim of the post is to work directly with women using our services, train staff to be able to respond to service users with mental health needs and promote good practice and referral pathways with external agencies to improve the response to victims of abuse with mental health needs. The worker aims to: • Ensure all women identified as having a mental health need receive an initial mental health assessment. • Ensures all frontline staff can identify the signs & symptoms of mental ill health & how to make a referral to appropriate services. • Assess all clients using the PHQ9 scale for depression & the GAD 7 (General Anxiety Disorder Scale), clients are screened and their needs addressed via one to one support, referral to external agency or via group work. An evaluation of the Mental Health Support Worker post is attached. For more information on Manchester Women's Aid see: http://www.manchesterwomensaid.org"
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