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Job description: Communications Officer at Sane

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Areas of interest: Mental health and wellbeing

Sara's Recent Activity

"Understanding Self HarmFor some years, SANE has drawn attention to the need for people who self-harm to be given understanding and help. In 2004, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence published the first treatment guideline on self-harm, revealing 170,000 people a year attended A&E departments with many being sent away with no proper help. SANE responded to the report, initially drawing on the growing numbers of calls to the helpline reporting self-harm in increasingly violent ways. Our concerns were broadcast locally and nationally and our statement carried by The Independent. In 2009, SANE undertook a major qualitative research study collecting data via an online survey from 946 anonymous people aged 12 to 59. The data we collected charts self-harm behaviour from first episodes through to full recovery. Please read more here."
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