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Stephanie Burke

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Stephanie Burke

Job description: Director at Rylease

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Areas of interest: Women involved in the criminal justice system

Stephanie Burke's Recent Activity

"Rylease Raising the Status of Women is a charity designed to help female offenders and ex offenders of an ethnic and Muslim background who are in the criminal justice system in the UK. We give full support and offer a range of services to help these women and girls to get back their confidence and respect they deserve. Female prisoner’s and ex- offenders who have committed crime or who have been released need more chance’s at maintaining a healthy and stable life. These women and girls are very important to society as they are mothers, daughters, sisters; women who assist, grow and nurture children of tomorrow. Our intention of making a difference and helping to turn around lives is our goal for these women and girls. Our aim is to take care of those that have been forgotten or frowned upon in society. To show them that they are not alone because of their wrong mistakes, which has landed them in a situation beyond their control."
Reply To: Women, homelessness and the criminal justice system